Schüco LivIng

The Schüco LivIng window and door system is an innovative, 7-chambered Twin unit solution. It allows to make windows and doors with both central and adjoining seals.
Central sealing system meets the requirements of the German Institute of Window Technology IFT Rosenheim in the field of passive construction. Adjoining seal gives excellent thermal insulation with a slightly visible profile width.

Haustuer S-01

MD Var1 DB703 S-01

MD Var1 S-01

AS Var1 DB703 S-01 2B

AS Var1 S-01

LivIng system technical specifications 



Usage in passive constructions




Inner ventilation

Max depth      82 mm

min external profile dimension 82 mm

Uf factor  (>=) 0,96

Max glass thickness 52 mm

Opening type

swinging inside or outside


Accoustic insulation 47 dB

Tightness Class 4

Waterproof 9A

Windproof C5/B5

LivIng system advantages

  • 7-chamber profile construction with optimized geometry and 82 mm depth gives excellent thermal insulation
  • Combo system with similar window wing shape with both central and adjoining seals usage
  • Meeting the requirements of the IFT Rosenheim Institute in the field of passive construction when use central seal
  • Two-chamber glazing, package thickness from 24 mm to 52 mm
  • Factory-fitted EPDM function gaskets of very high quality
  • Increased depth of installation for greater security and better protection against burglary
  • Narrow profile width 120 mm for optimum daylight access
  • Excellent parameters of thermal insulation
  • Classical geometry of the outline of window frame
  • Available with a uniform gray body for an extremely harmonious appearance of window and door joinery
  • Aesthetic silver-gray seals in white profiles
  • Black seals in veneered and gray body profiles
  • Schüco Automotive Finish with a big palette of metallic finishes and veneers in uniform colors or wood-like of many kind
  • Equal system dimensions such as the dimension of the glass in presence of central and adjoining seals
  • Possibility of using the same reinforcements in the door frame and wing
  • Thanks to the use of patented profile welding technology, later processing of gaskets is not necessary