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The S 8000 IQ system, with a depth of 74 mm, is characterized by excellent thermal insulation thanks to the use of six chambers in the frame and the wing.
Large steel reinforcements in the frame and wing make the carpentry produced in this system extremely static.
Easy care is provided by the large and smooth surface of the reed.
Optional version with straight wing and semi-circular version with rounded wing and rounded bead.

  • Depth of 74 mm provides good thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Large main chamber designed to accommodate large steel reinforcements
  • Optimized material geometry protects natural resources and the environment
  • For the frame, the wings and the pillar can be used similar steel reinforcement.
  • Improved air conditioning of the rooms improves comfort of living thanks to the patented GECCO ventilation system.
  • This system guarantees regular internal and external air exchange
  • Available in a wide range of acrylic color and veneers (colored and wood-like)