Schüco Corona SI 82 - okna energooszczędne

Schüco Corona SI 82 window system is a  vinyl system, reinforcered with steel frames. It has three sealing surfaces. 6-chamber profile system with a depth of 82 mm, provide excellent thermal insulation with narrow visibility of the frames.



Rondo TopAlu

Technical specification of Corona SI 82 system


Hard vinyl, highly thermal insulated






Inner ventilation

maximum depth   82 mm

min external profile dimension    82 mm

Uf factor (>=)       1,10

Max glass thickness  52 mm

Opening type

swinging inside or outside


Accoustic insulation  47 dB

Tightness C / Klasa 4

Waterproof    9A

Burglary resistance factor    RC 2

Windproof     C5/B5

Surface finish:

Aluminium surface, Decorative foil, AutomotiveFinish

Schuco windows give timeless design, modern technology and excellent thermal insulation. The use of high quality materials ensures safety, durability and no special maintenance. How Your windows will look like, depends on your individual preferences and requirements. Schuco Corona Si 82 windows can be combined with entrance doors, sliding doors or Schuco winter gardens, giving system and design cohesion throughout the building.

Six closed air chambers inside the profiles provide very high thermal insulation. Three independent sealing surfaces make Corona windows an excellent protection against noise. High thermal insulation also guarantees protection against unfavorable outdoor conditions. Vento diffusers provide air exchange with closed windows and prevents the condensation of water on the windows.

The small dimensions of the profile make the Corona windows give more daylight to the inner of a building.

Increased depth of installation and mounting of hardware give well protect against intrusion. Hardened steel components and keyed handles make the drilling and shearing attempts ineffective. Windows can be made as anti-burglary rate RC2 (WK2).

The offer includes veneered profiles in various colors, also available surfaces of wood or aluminum look. Aluminum liner, can be anodised or colorised in any color from the RAL palette.