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System Aluprof - produkty

Aluprof aluminum system, commonly used in construction. Accessories available: blinds, mosquito nets, gates.

System MB86

System MB70

Blinds, mosuito nets

Home and industrial gates


Window and door construction system with very good features, able to meet various needs of users. The construction of its sections has 3 variants depending on the requirements of thermal energy savings: ST, SI and AERO. The MB-86 is the world's first aluminum windows and doors system where airgel - a material with excellent thermal insulation is used.
The advantages of the MB-86 system are also the high strength of the profile, that allows large dimensions and weight construction.
It is also available windows with a hidden wing MB-86US.

  • Big number of profile types guarantees the required aesthetics and structural strength
  • Newly designed thermal separators, allow use of  additional barrier in the insulation zone of the profiles
  • The two-component central seal perfectly fit and thermally insulates the space between the wing and frame of window.
  • Glazing strips available in three variants: Standard, Prestige and Style

  • Profile shapes ready to use different types of envelope and hidden hinges
  • Wide range of glazing allows usage of all types of double chamber glass, acoustic or burglar type.
  • Dehydration of the profiles available in two variants: traditional or hidden
  • burglar resistance RC3


Aluminum system, which is used to create very good thermal and acoustic insulation of architectural elements of external buildings, eg: various types of windows, doors, vestibules, sites, spatial constructions.
It has a version with increased thermal insulation, obtained by using special insulating inserts inside the sections and in the floor space.
MB-70 windows and doors can be made for anti-burglary windows of RC4 factor and smoke windows.
There are also different versions of windows: "Hidden wing" MB-70US / MB-70US HI, MB-70SG and version for MB-70 industrial buildings.
This system is also the basis for the construction of the "cold-warm" facade MB-70CW / MB-70CW HI.

  • Various window functions, that fit to the needs of users, the ability of bending profiles for construction of arches
  • Various aesthetic solutions are given to the windows with a hidden wing, industrial-like steel and three types of glazing: Standard, Prestige, Style
  • 1 or 2-leaf doors, open to the outside or inside, including safe turnoff system doors
  • Structures adapted to different types of envelope, including hinges hidden inside the construction, roll hinges in the door
  • Base for solutions with increased thermal insulation: MB-70 HI, MB-70US HI and MB-70CW HI
  • profiles may be painted in different colour on the outside and on the inside

Roller blinds

External roller blinds are a practical system that protects us in three ways: it perfectly insulates thermally, protects privacy, and provides  effective burglar barrier.
Made from high quality selected materials, roller blinds offered in the concealed, adaptive, lintel and overlap systems are designed to improve the energy balance of the building. In winter, the heating costs are reduced, while in the summer when the sun is shining and the temperature is high outside, they provide a pleasant coolness and dusk.
Thanks to well design and properly selected raw materials, roller blinds provide effective protection against uninvited guests. Aluprof is the first Polish system vendor that offers a RC3 intrusion-resistant system. Using this system, we can be sure that our home is safe.

  • Roller blinds in SK, SKE and SKP, SKO and SKO-P adaptive systems are designed for usage in existing buildings.
  • SP and SP-E flush-mounted systems are primarily designed for use in newly erected buildings, but also in existing buildings, after making necessary changes to existing lintels.
  • SKN B + H lintel blinds are designed for use in brand new buildings. SKN B + H boxes are ready-made elements, so it is necessary to plan of its usage at the design stage of the building.
  • The SKT OPOTERM roller shutter system is a proposal by Aluprof to people who expect a functional solution. These blinds can be used in any type of building. It is very versatile, allowing installation without a built-in, partially or fully integrated installation.
  • Anti-burglar blinds is an innovative system combines itself aesthetics and durability. The product successfully fulfills its function, thanks to the strengthening of individual elements, including guides, whose construction prevents folding and pulling of roller shutters.
  • In addition, the strong curtain structure of the roller blind, prevents damage to it during impact. Aluprof was the first in Poland to receive a Class III burglar protect for its product.
    This has been confirmed by research of an accredited testing laboratory in accordance with EN 1627: 2011 standard. Presence of the patented ratchet mechanism at the bottom of the blind, prevents the blind from force raise of the curtain.
  • The burglar alarm system is available in various colors, which allows to be matched to the color of windows and facades of the building.

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets provide extremely functional insect protection of interior of the house.
There are three types of frames for mosquito nets: fixed, open, sliding and rolled.
Thanks to this diversity we can choose the right mosquito net for every type of window and room.
The mosquito net design allows for easy installation on window and door profiles. The new mosquito nets are MZH,
which also works in the case of roof windows.
Mosquito nets are made of aluminum and available in various colors, which allows similar look of the product to the window frame and building elevation.

Roller gates 

Rolling gates can be installed both in existing and under construction buildings. Their particular advantage is space saving, because of gate works in the vertical plane. The door can be equipped with electric drive and radio control, can be insulated with foam.
They are offered in a wide range of colors, whose coatings are made by powder coating, which increases their durability.
The complement of the offer are sliding lattices, used eg in shopping malls.
A wide range of colors  available.